False Prophets and Teachers Deceiving the Church

I am writing this with some trepidation as I know some people will think that I am a nut case and a lunatic but that does not matter. If I help save one person from getting into deception and their lives possibly being destroyed while some parts of the church are navel gazing due to deception by not preaching the true Gospel to a dying world then I have accomplished something. Too many Christians are very passive in their walk with their Father God and we suffer the consequences.

If you say you love God it must be demonstrated by keeping His commandments and not used as a reason to do nothing. John 14:15 and John 15:10.

I have nothing personal against anyone who is involved in these activities as they are all children of God but I have a Godly duty to raise these issues as they are not in line with the word of God and they are hurting many people. I am standing up for what Jesus accomplished on the cross which is to set us free from Satan’s dominion and power. We are told to test the spirits and the Kundalini spirit which comes from Hinduism has now been loosed in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and many countries in Europe. It seems to have started with Rodney Howard Browne in Florida.

I ask you to read the whole post/article so you get a proper perspective and an overall picture of the size of the problem. Things like the social gospel are also a major problem but that is another large subject.

Please do not try to use Gods Sovereignty as way of saying we do not need to do anything. Many people misunderstand God’s sovereignty. Jesus said all power in heaven and on earth having been given under Me, therefore you Go and preach the Gospel. We have been given the authority in Jesus name top stop deception and apostasy in the world today. Jesus is sitting down at the right hand of the Father. We are his hands and feet.

I have directly or indirectly recommended certain Pastors, Teachers and Prophets which I have now found out to be false and very dangerous to the Body of Christ the church.

These include but not limited to Rodney Howard Browne, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Todd Bentley, and Heidi Baker. Although you might like some of these people that does not mean they are teaching the truth of the Word of God. Most Christians today allow the Pastors and TV Celebrities to do their bible study for them and so are being very deceived. Some of these might be teaching what they are in ignorance and others I believe know that it is wrong. But the deceitfulness of riches has blinded their eyes and overrides Godly judgement.

Many Christians are simply not willing to contend for the faith once delivered. There is a line that must be drawn, and there is a point where others must be pointed out as false, for this is the essence of love. If you really love some you will want to correct them just like God does to us.

Charity does not rejoice in a lie, but the truth. People do not know the whole counsel of the scripture and thus are bullied into inaction, which is not what Jesus taught. He was a man of action. He called the Pharisees Hypocrites 8 times loudly in one passage. Would you do that?

Some people will say that I am judging, causing disunity, and not being loving towards my fellow Christians, this is not the case at all. Firstly many people do not know the proper doctrines on these issues and they are used by the enemy to allow wolves in sheep clothing to enter deception into the church. I have a teaching on Judging  which explores what we as Christians are really meant to do. Firstly judge ourselves before we move onto someone or something else.

There is a lot of weird stuff going on inside the church all over the world some of which is covered by Escaping Bethel Church, Bill Johnson and Jesus Culture by M’Kayla

Here is Mkayla’s blog site address with a link to an article on what I have been talking about. https://mkayla.wordpress.com/freedom-from-false-spirits-of-revival/ It covers fire tunnels.

This video covers someone who attended Bethel where Bill Johnson is the Pastor and explains in so detail things like Kundalini which most of you will not be aware of, please take to look at this video The Kundalini Spirit has Invaded The Church Masquerading as The Holy Spirit !!! BE VIGILANT!

Sarah and I attended what was called an Open Heaven seminar in Bloemfontein in August 2009 where an Australian Pastor taught that we are under an Open Heaven paradigm now which means that what is going on in heaven should be done on earth using part of the lord’s prayer as his starting place. It sounded alright and everyone seemed to be in agreement.

We were asked to come up for prayer to receive an impartation to be able to manifest the works of Holy Spirit and be set free from emotional and physical ailments. What happened was that many people started having what I would call involuntary arm and leg movements which went on for days in some cases, including shouting out words like whoa and doubling over.

The young teenagers where very susceptible to what happened as their spirits where wide open for this deception. Many strange things happened which I cannot go into detail on as some I cannot explain and would take too long in other cases. Bethel Church led by Bill Johnson is into an Open Heaven in a big way and have ceremonies called fire tunnels where someone runs down a passageway with people on each side receiving power/gifts (impartations) from the Holy Spirit and the congregation. This is all deception.

None of the above is in the bible at all and cannot be justified.

Bill Johnson has what he calls a pool of Bethsaida where he says an angel comes and stirs the waters once a day for someone to be healed. This is heresy and not biblical at all. His wife believes in Sound Portals, sound forks that give off energy at a certain frequency and this creates love. She has stopped an RV to wake up angels by shouting wakey wakey and I am not joking.

Jesus said that there would be false teachers and prophets and we need to take this seriously. I could go into much more detail but I leave that up to you. Just be very careful who you follow and ABOVE all else ensure that you know you bible scriptures and check what you hear taught or read. Ask Holy Spirit to guide you daily as I felt uncomfortable about some of the above and continued to watch. The final straw was watching a healing and impartation conference night at Bethel church lead by Randy Clark ( Please click on highlighted text to view the service which was disturbing to say the least) and he was all over the place and said if you have at least 80% less pain then come to the front and give your testimony. God does not do 80% healings. The above people have a lot of influence both in the world and in the USA and they impact normal leaders and pastors at the grass roots.


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