Colouring My Hair as a Christian Woman

I spent the last three months in 2006 with a stomach the size of a nine month pregnant woman due to a swollen liver. This was due to complications from anaesthetic which had given me a long time to pray and read the Bible. Also my most important teacher has been the Holy Spirit.

But the story starts at least a year ago with a little voice, saying stop colouring your hair, but I ignored it.

The voice grew louder I pretended not to hear!

And LOUDER STILL I was being stubborn!

Even Raymond wanted me to stop dyeing my hair, but I did not listen

Still I kept on colouring my hair.

I thought:-

I would look old,

my husband wouldn’t fancy me anymore,

my peers would laugh,

my 3 girls would be very unhappy as they had seen me with long coloured hair all their lives.

My hair decided to get drier and drier and to start falling out still with the promptings of the Holy Spirit about not colouring my hair.

The answer I decided was to cut it, but still keep on colouring after all would I be me without my trademark red hair. ( Notice the I )


Ok I conceded, but first I need to colour the ends to match the roots (Still not really listening). Which I tried and wound up bright orange, I kid you not, being an artist I can get away with some eccentric behaviour but not tangerine.

So out came the clippers and a number 4 which felt hideously short. At least on a good day it looked canary yellow and a bad day nicotine stained. What a time to introduce yourself to your step children.

It took twelve long weeks before I faced the hairdresser for a girl haircut, she commented, poor you whatever happened to your hair? How do I explain my stubbornness?

God needed to deal with me on a very deep level. Firstly I needed to trust my husband would still love me with canary yellow or shaved head which he proved.

Secondly, I was not defined by my looks. This sounds like an easy lesson, however it is one of the hardest, after all in my teens I had done some modelling and knew that my red hair made me stand out from the crowd. Now I was going to disappear into middle age oblivion.

So, my hair grew and to my utter surprise everyone I met liked it. One hairdresser even asked me where my highlights had been done. What’s more important I liked it, so this has led to some internet searches. What I found has shocked and enlightened me. Just put in “grey hair” on Google.

Talking with a cancer sufferer her specialist had even told her not to ever colour her hair again after chemo. This is because apparently it contains lead (lead acetate), so in order to appear younger as women we are potentially causing ourselves to poison our bodies, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. So, I had removed some of my stubbornness and some of my vanity. The story continues with the Lord’s next step of obedience in my life which most women will not like, which I will share soon.

The next part in my journey can be found at My Personal Journey to Find a Truth

by Sarah Clements

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