Teaching on the Anointing and the Appointed

Christians say!, ‘I am anointed because the Spirit is upon me.’ Jesus said, ‘The Spirit is upon Me because I am anointed.’ We can think it is the same thing.

It is not.

The reason the Spirit is upon you is that you are anointed.

Anointed means to be appointed to do something.

Saul was anointed king, because he was appointed king. Anointing is an appointing. We think the anointing is some sort of an ethereal thing that comes upon you. The anointing is when you got Born Again, and then the Spirit comes upon you.

That is the baptism of the Spirit. So you are anointed and then the Spirit comes upon you. Why does He come upon you? I know you want Scripture ‘because you are not going to believe if I do not have scripture. However, He said it in Galatians. He said, ‘Because you are sons, He has sent the Spirit of His Son crying, Abba, Father.’ He did not make you sons by sending His Spirit, because you are sons, He sent His Spirit.

“We do everything backwards.” Dr John G Lake had a greater healing ministry before he received the baptism of the Spirit than most people have afterwards. Alexander Dowie – had tremendous healings, however he was not baptised in the Spirit. He ripped cancers off people faces and they were totally healed.

Now, how can we explain that? It is because when you get Born Again, you have the authority. You see the new birth gives you authority to become sons of God. The baptism in the Spirit gives you the ability to act like one. That is the difference.

That is what Dr Lake knew about the baptism of the Spirit. Dr Lake knew that authority and Holy Spirit given by Jesus allowed him to see 100,000 healings in 5 years.

It is the understanding that the Spirit of God is given to you for use of God.

“Your power, you, as a spirit-living being, is exponentially magnified by the Spirit of God. He does not come separate from you – That is the problem. Christians think He is separate.

‘He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit with the Lord.’ [1 Corinthians 6:17]

The two shall become one.” “We become one with Him. One in thought, one in direction, one in goals, one in aspirations.”

“Christians should get to the place where, the Holy Spirit permeates us, where you cannot tell where He stops and I pick up, and where I stop and He picks up. In addition, the more our minds are renewed to His word, the less you can tell. And pretty soon you just keep going unto where we talk and act like Him.” That is what God and Jesus want for us just like Paul mentioned in the Epistles.

“I know I am nothing. And the more I know I am nothing the more He can live in me.”

“Dr. Lake one time when they were saying, ‘Well, he can do this because he is anointed, and he has got this gift and he has got that gift.’ And he laughed. He said, ‘If my dear Jenny was here,’ (she had passed away), she was here to hear that she would laugh, because she knew only too well my mistakes and my shortcomings, but people say that I am able to do what I can do because of who I am, but I know what the secret is, is not me knowing who I am that allows me to do what I do, but it is the ability that I have to forget who I am that allows me to do it.”

John G Lake said “I don’t like rejection anymore than you do, and I don’t know how they are going to respond.” “Anybody can be a prophet the day after. Tell me ahead of time.”

“‘If that same Spirit dwells in you that raised Jesus from the dead‘ and it should click. Bless God! I do not have a different spirit!” “Every dead raising – He was there. Every healing that has ever taken place – He was there. Do you realize: nothing miraculous has ever happened that the Spirit, that is in you was not there to perform. ‘But I am not ready.’ Nope. He is.’ ‘But I am not prepared.’ That is okay, He is. ‘I have never been in this situation.’ That is okay, He has.” “The only thing That is always the same is the cure. The cure is the Spirit.” “You get enough of the Spirit of God onto that person, it will fix any problem.”

Author Curry Blake

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