Blog Objectives

This Blog contains Posts on subjects that come up for every Christian

This blog covers most subjects that many Christians come across in their daily walk.

Everyone has an opinion on some subject related to the bible and what it has to say about how to live our lives. This blog will attempt to cover contemporary subjects which Christian women need teaching practical information on like abortion, contraception, head covering, makeup, modest clothing and dyeing hair by my wife Sarah.

We need to look seriously at evangelism and the Great Commission. As we draw near to the Coming of Our Lord Jesus we need to focus on sharing the gospel with everyone. The Jew first and then the Gentile.

The world is not going to get better and people need to know that there is hope and freedom in Christ. Maranatha!

The world is learning more about the bible an are asking more in depth questions and we need to be able to give the best answers possible with the time we have. This blog is not going to go into too much depth on all subjects. However it will try and point anyone in the right direction.

It is collection of posts on important subjects from a Christian Worldview in order for Christians to grow and be more confident in their faith, shinning our light in order that all men will come and see Him.

Some of the more obvious subjects covered are:-

a) Salvation – For everyone

c) Holy Spirit – Baptism and tongues for everyone

d) Reasons to trust the Bible

e) Jesus Death, Burial and Resurrection

f) Bible Doctrines

g) Eschatology (End Time Prophecy)

h) The Antichrist

Expecting that everyone will learn something about God and Jesus our Lord who has plans for you and this earth.

Eternity is a long time.

Raymond The Brave