Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Christian?

In several nations, it is illegal to become a Christian. But people become Christians anyway — despite penalties and even threats of death. Thousands of believers are killed each year, yet more people become Christians.

My Personal Journey to a Truth about Makeup

I had often watched my mother apply make-up as a child and have very fond memories of using her old make-up. I have worn makeup since the age of 14, in fact I was encouraged to by my mother. She proudly gave me my first make up by ”Rimmel” it contained foundation mascara blusher and … Continue reading My Personal Journey to a Truth about Makeup

The Truth about Christmas

Does Christmas really celebrate the birthday of Jesus? Was He born on December 25th? Did Paul, the apostles, and the early Church of the New Testament celebrated Christmas? Do you know what the BIBLE says about the Christmas tree? Stop and think! Very few know WHY we do the things we do, or WHERE our … Continue reading The Truth about Christmas

Who Is a Christian?

You are NOT a Christian :- 1. If you are born into a Christian family or in a Christian Country. 2. If you read your Bible. 3. If you do goods works in Jesus or Gods name. 4. If you go to Church does not make you a Christian. 5. If you call yourself a Christian does … Continue reading Who Is a Christian?