Resurrection a Reason to Believe!

You may have heard about the resurrection of Jesus and simply dismissed it as some ancient fairytale, or fabricated legendary embelishment, something that can’t be substantiated or trusted by any means. You may think that the Bible is simply corrupted and in no way reflects the truth of what happened in history, but did you know … Continue reading Resurrection a Reason to Believe!

Why Are Passover And Easter Celebrated At Different Times?

By ONE FOR ISRAEL (Messianic Jews In Israel) Sometimes, the celebrations of Passover and Easter coincide, but sometimes they can be weeks apart. Why is this? If Yeshua died at Passover, why does the Christian church mark his death and resurrection at a different time? How did they get separated? How the Passover date is set The … Continue reading Why Are Passover And Easter Celebrated At Different Times?

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Christian?

In several nations, it is illegal to become a Christian. But people become Christians anyway — despite penalties and even threats of death. Thousands of believers are killed each year, yet more people become Christians.